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CAL Open : play off

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CAL Open : play off Empty CAL Open : play off

Post  coconuTs Sun Jul 06, 2008 7:39 pm

CAL Open "Playoffs" by Nexxia

It's the 6th CAL Open League, and always there are new teams taking their first big steps into competition in this celebrated competition. It's is currently at the first round of the Playoff stage, and a great time to give you the rundown on what is happening and who plays next round on Insurgent Camp and SF Hospital


Version 3 vs Artist

Version 3

It's an interesting story that sees Version 3 at the top of CAL Open, in an unbeaten run this season with 8-0-0 record. Originally a clan who refused to move forward with the AA patches, they stayed behind in 2.5 and kept on pubbing. As 2.5 became increasingly less popular and the amount of players dwindled, they decided to update to the latest version.
They are unknown as yet in competition but have won numerous tournaments hosted by EcK and will be looking to add a more prestigious tournament such as CAL to their credits.
They will be facing a tough team in the Bridge allstar team that is The Artists, who are looking to make their name in maps and competitions other than Bridge.
Version 3 will be favourites to win this match and stay unbeaten, and go onto challenge for the Open title

The Artists

A team regarded as one of the best teams to ever play Bridge, they have a proud history on the old Bridge map. They have played in many Bridge tournaments, winning many of them. They are close friends with Knights and will be looking to follow their path from Bridge to CAL Open Champions this season. Over the last few months they have strived to get better, competing in the ONC and scrimming often. They will need to improve on their 4-4-0 record in the league and become more consistent.
The Artist's are still learning and will be a force in the future but will need to learn fast if they are to make a dent in Version 3's dominant form in this league.
The Artists are no strangers to SF Hospital, after recently winning a recent Hospital tournament but will be under the cosh on Insurgent Camp, they will need to raise their game to stand with Version 3.

Winner will play: Mortiferus or FrT & UrB Fusion [Ledge 8]

Live Passion vs Tux's Army

Live Passion

A team that has been unfamiliar to me, they are a Polish team and are looking good so far. With an unbeaten record of 7-0-1, they look a good bet to reach the Final. They play in mostly Polish leagues such as HLC but are also competing on the ESL ladders. So they should have the experience on most maps that will help them through this tough league.
They have won many high scoring matches in this league but have drawn once with Team Rage in overtime. Tux will find it difficult to beat this Polish team, as they don't seem to give away losses easily. I predict Live Passion to win this match comfortably and go onto to challenge for the CAL Open title.

Tux's Army

This French speaking team have been gaming in AA since 2006, and have only recently been seen in European competition. They have competed in French leagues against teams from France and also Belgium where they won the French second division, so they are no strangers to some form of competition. One player on their roster in particular is Rilax, who was a member of former team 4zw, who did compete at a high level. So he might be passing on his experience to other less familiar names on their roster.
Their form so far has not set a blistering pace with a 3-5-0 record. They will be facing an uphill task against the inform Live Passion and are unlikely to make it through to the next round.

Winner will play: oO or Perfect Gaming [Ledge 7]

Team Rage vs Gaming Penalty

Team Rage

This team is known for its up and downs. They looked promising in the past but for some reason died, some of their players kept on playing and can be found in the top of competition. Recently building Team Rage up again, they picked up players from Athix and EclecticMinded.
Team Rage is also the last of 3 unbeaten teams, 7-0-1 record in CAL and already getting into playoffs in ESL opens. With a clean record aswell, they are very eager to prove themselves and get higher up into the scene. Also, SF Hospital is one of this team's favourite maps and that could make a difference.
Insurgent Camp should not be a problem for this team, especially with the past experience they gained in the previous versions of Team Rage. However, they should not underestimate Gaming Penalty. If both teams play with their best lineup's it should be a close call, but Team Rage would most likely turn out the winner.

Gaming Penalty

A team living in periods of uncertainty, started up with a bunch of players, only to die 2 months thereafter. They passed through with an 3-4-1 record. During the season the players from Gaming Penalty left to join teams such as Team Clockwork and Team Black. I think that due to these players leaving, they won't be able to prepare as other teams can.
The teams they joined both look promising but will also require the players to play with them. However, we never know, they might be able to surprise and take Team Rage without the need of any preparation.
Gaming Penalty have some players who are pretty good in close quarter combat and they will try to prove it for sure. Should be another interesting match.

Winner will play: Easy Company or Just For Fun [Ledge 6]

Portuguese Rangers vs Team Sanity

Portuguese Rangers

Recently picking up experienced players and performing well in competition lately. With a 7-1-0 record this season, they are a team that can dominate in Open. Facing Team Sanity, they will be a tough opponent who take the rounds close every match.
The experience from former The Edge players should bring these guys an advantage, but on a map like SF Hospital which is new to competition they will just have to prepare very well.
Yesterday playing a Portuguese Cup Final shows that they are on form in competition and will go for it this CAL season, to get higher up upon the AA ladder. If they put up their best players and prepare for it well, they should be able to win with some big numbers.

Team Sanity

They are a Multi-Gaming Organization from Germany. Most of their players are German and they been competing in German leagues such as AABL. They also play in TWL and have been in the EU scene for a while now together as a team, over the last 2 years. The team was made up of former Born 4 Pain and sIN members, who were fairly well known on the TWL ladders.
Their form in this league has been fairly indifferent, with a record of 3-4-1. All their matches have been close in rounds but they have unluckily suffered close run defeats and an overtime draw. They will be looking to kick start their season in this first round playoff with a win over over Ptrangers.
It will not be easy for Sanity though, with Ptrangers in good form and likely to win this match

Winner will play: Team Hypnosis or Just Bad Gaming [Ledge 5]

Team Hypnosis vs Just Bad Gaming

Team Hypnosis

These Portuguese guys did pretty good passing through with a 6-1-1 record, which shows they are capable of putting up some good matches. Also this team has played a season of Open together before and know how to play a decent match. The team was founded almost 1 year ago now.
Further more they seem to prepare well for matches and also play pubs from time to time. Some of their players have been in clans together before Team Hypnosis. They look like a nice group of friends to me.
Team Hypnosis should be able to come up with some solid SF Hospital strats after playing it for over 1000 hours. However this will be a close call, I can see both maps being tied.

Just Bad Gaming

An all German team, they are better known in German circles. Where they have competed over the last year in the Bundesliga league finishing with a top 3 finish in consecutive seasons. It's an impressive accolade that they will be looking to follow up and go one better here in CAL. Their record so of 4-3-1, so far has been a mix, with some close wins followed alternately by close loses.
They will need to improve this round and take the fight to Hypnosis, its a tough match, with both opponents looking fairly equal. I think Just Bad Gaming will just edge it in the match and go through to the next round.

Winner will play: Portugese Rangers or Team Sanity [Ledge 4]

Easy Company vs Just for Fun

[.=]Easy Company[=.[/b]

This is another team which is new to competition. It was founded in the beginning of 2007 but just got into competition when some other German match players joined. However they're new and are doing not bad at all, also competing in the last OneNightCup, they picked up competition quite well.
They also played last TWL tournament managing to get to the 1/8 Finals but eventually got beaten by BSTR, who finished second overall. That is a big achievement for a relatively new team, which makes this team stand out. Knowing this they could be a serious threat and they look like they are going to challenge for this CAL title. They have got plenty of experience at SF Hospital and should be able to take the win there.
Insurgent Camp could be more difficult and they should be wise to prepare for it. All put together they should be able to beat Just For Fun without to much trouble.

Just for Fun

These German guys also play together for quite some time. The team was founded back in 2003, but they play CAL with some outsiders on their roster. With one former wAtNc player and 2 IKEA players on their roster, they have experience. For most of the players its their second or third season and they will try the best they can to achieve something this season in Open.
With an even record of 4-4 they look quite normal and not really a team to look out for, but if they prepare well and use their past experience they surely have a shot at Easy Company. Next to CAL they also play in some German ladders and TWL.
Looking at both teams, both German, both with some experience, this could be close. Though I favour Easy Company because they play with just members from their clan and not outside additions.

Winner will play: Team Rage or Gaming Penalty [Ledge 3]

oO vs Perfect Gaming


This is another new team formed in the beginning of 2008 they made a good start playing TWL, OneNightCup, ESL, CAL and some French league. All of their players are unknown but playing a lot and gaining match experience real quick. This is their first season of CAL together and with a 6-2 record, it's certainly not a bad start.
Most of their players met each other back in ShocK, another French team. They also seem to do pretty well in the other ladders and leagues, recently winning over Oh Bombed! in the French community league. Preparing for the match well they should be taken as a serious opponent and a team to look out for.
If they play on like they do now they should be able to beat Perfect Gaming without any problems.

Perfect Gaming

Another team that died during the season because when their founder 'maja' became inactive. It wasn't the first time these guys built up before dieing again. They have some up and downs and look like they are not capable of handling any inactivity. Though the former players decided to play on together, but they don't seem to prepare well.
They started good playing in multiple OneNightCups and CAL, too bad they didn't kick on any further. Their players can now be found in teams such as Team Exit and Team BE. Even though they don't prepare they can still be a tough opponent because their players are eager to prove themselves and will give their best.
This match could go either way, but I think oO will win with some big numbers.

Winner will play: Live Passion or Tux's Army [Ledge 2]

Mortiferus vs FrT & UrB Fusion


Another German team in the playoffs, this team was formed way back in 2004 and have been playing competition for a long time. For most of the guys this is their third season of CAL Open and they will definitely try to get through to the next round of Playoffs. Having a 4-3-1 record they look quite average so far but have the experience to do much better.
Knowing Insurgent Camp is by far their favourite map they will be very happy playing it, and will pull out their best tactics to win. On the other hand SF Hospital might give them troubles but these guys play for such a long time, they should know how to deal with it.
If they take a win with big numbers on IC they are quite sure of going through to next round.

FrT & UrB Fusion

These guys play their second season of CAL together but were founded a long time ago back in 2003. They also play in some French ladders and TWL. They have, just like Mortiferus, a 4-3-1 record. They will certainly give their best shot and on their day are a match for most teams here in Open.
They will have to put up their best line up and prepare very well for Insurgent Camp as Mortiferus are at home on this map. SF Hospital they are more familiar with and will be a tough opponent to beat. Mortiferus will be slight favourites to win this match.

Winner will play: Version 3 or The Artists [Ledge 1]


16 Teams, 8 matches, for one half it will be the end of the season, for the other half it will be the start of some of the most exciting matches Open league's have to offer and the chance to be crowned CAL Open Champions. Who will end this season as the CAL Open Winner ?

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CAL Open : play off Empty Re: CAL Open : play off

Post  a1R Mon Jul 07, 2008 2:29 pm

nice and informative Thread =).

I hope for my Ex clan Just Bad they Breach in Cal would be very cool =)

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